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(Not so) Friendly Neighborhood Cat

It's the dead of summer (101 degrees in Portland as I'm writing this). It's the era of COVID-19. Life isn't all that interesting right now and I spend most of my days working from my home office, then doing a Shaun T workout with Charlie after work, then eating dinner while watching some season of drag race and going to bed at like 9:30. It's a quiet gay little life. Every now and again I walk to a coffee shop and get a baked good. Those coffee shop moments are honestly my favorite part of life right now.

We did get a chance to go camping with friends in the desert a few weeks back. It was hella dusty but (of course) super pretty. Our site was right on the Deschutes River and we spent the weekend sitting in tubes, watching people in canoes go by, and drinking.

Ruthie & Charlie
Daphne & Emma

One of Charlie's sisters lives in Malawi full time. Her and her family are currently in Virigina in Charlie's hometown for the forseeable future (COVID-19) and she also just had a child. Charlie doesn't get to see her all that often and hadn't met his new neice. We had also yet to meet each others families. Due to all of this we made a bold choice. We voluntarily boarded an aircraft.

Blessed are the Maskwearers

It honestly was the worst and I won't do it again until the world feels somewhat safe. People were mostly chill and kept their masks on but there were a few tense moments. One guy in the Dallas airport started trying to talk to me with his mask under his chin. The whole airport thing was hella stressful but it has now been over two weeks since we got back and neither of us have had symptoms so I'm guessing we made it through okay.

We met each others families during our trip out east and it felt like a big relationship step. I like his family a lot. His mom was the star of the show for me. We also drove down to NC for an afternoon and got lunch with my parents and brother. It was a success all around! We were busy the entire trip so I only have one photo from our time out east. We along with Charlie's family all went for a walk around his hometown and to take his neice to the water fountain at the college campus. She demanded that I join her. She is a queen and future CEO. Love her.

Water Times with the CEO

The last thing I'll share is something I just did a few hours ago. I got to partipate in an online cooking class with some friends to learn to cook an indian dish with a chef from New Delhi, India. I don't remember what the dish was called but it featured chick peas, was fucking delicious and super easy to make. Check out the class here (it's through Airbnb) and check out the chef JD's Instagram.

Everyone's Finished Product

I'm realizing I've probably had a way more eventful last few weeks than most. I guess I shouldn't be complaining. Election season is in full swing and I'm feeling hopeful and stressed about it. Charlie and I joke about moving to Canada. At least, we're pretty sure we're joking.

Hope you're all well. I miss you. I hope we get our lives back someday. Here's a few random photos from the past while (featuring my new fake Eames Lounge Chair I've wanted for like 10 years).

Chatting with Will in the Garden
My New Chair
Brunch at Cricket Cafe

Until next time. ✌🏻

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