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A List to End the Year

Christmas Energy

Oh my god, this miserable year is finally coming to a close. Thank god. I've had it.

Life is pretty quiet right now. Days come and go and I fill them with working by day and watching YouTube / Drag Race with Charlie / playing Animal Crossing by night. It definitely feels like we as a society are in mile 19 of a marathon. The end feels so close yet so far away and girl I'm so done with it. I just can't wait to let someone shoot me up with that vaccine. I'm horny for it.

We had a quiet Christmas just the two of us. We made egg rolls on Christmas Eve (a Blauvelt family tradition) and I made pear coffee cake for Christmas Day breakfast. We didn't do gifts for each other. I personally HATE getting gifts. I'm controlling and don't like things coming into my posession that I didn't explicitly purchase or ask for. People don't understand it so unfortunately I'm subject to always receiving at least a few gifts at Christmas. Luckily most of the things I received were edible (the one type of gift I can be fine with).

Due to life being quiet, my increased feelings of nostalgia, having taken essentially no photos this past month, and trying to keep positive I thought I would let this post be a list of everything good that's happened this year:

That's 19 good things! Enough to make me think this year wasn't a complete loss. It's the little things, right? 2021 will be here soon though and I'm really excited for the new world where I can socialize and travel and have a full life again. Fauci says vaccines will be available to the public March/April and I hope that turns out to be true because I will run straight to wherever I need to go to get it. I hope you'll do the same, friend.

See you on the other side ♥️.

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