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Big Things are Happening

Charlie and Chuck at the Painted Hills


Summer's been hella busy and I keep meaning to update this blog but then push it off and then more things happen and writing this entry feels like more of a mountain to climb. It's been a cycle. However; I'm here to finally get something posted and give folks an update on life! Big things are happening!!

Wakka and Chappu

Wakka (orange) and Chappu (light orange)

We adopted two kittens at the end of June. I was only looking to adopt one adult cat that would serve mostly as a glorified house plant but then these two appeared before us and it just kind of happened. Honestly, having two has been great because they're bonded and play with each other all day so they're less needy of us than just one cat might be. We named them after some characters in Final Fantasy X (our shared favorite video game).

Charlie and Chappu
Meeting Joel

Moving in.... and Moving Out

We moved into our new apartment in the middle of June. We've enjoyed it quite a lot. It's a great location with loads of natural light and doug fir floors throughout (my dream). But.... we're moving out in a few weeks because...

We bought a house!

Yeah. We're gonna be homeowners. It's wild. We're excited though. It wasn't the plan to buy a house right now but things just kind of serendipitously fell into place really fast and it worked out. We wrote an offer within like 12 hours of seeing the house (special thanks to Casey Riley who's amazing and jumped right in on writing our offer) and beat out about 6 other offers to get the house. The inspection and appraisal went great and it sounds like we may be able to close a bit early at the very beginning of September.

Those who know me well know I've dreamed of owning property in Portland for years so I'm elated that it's actually going to happen. For a while, I've thought that it may never happen and that we may wind up priced out of Portland someday. It's exciting to really put down roots here. Plus we already have multiple friends who live in our new neighborhood and it'll be fun to be so close to them. I hope you can come to see our new house someday soon. You can see some photos of it on the listing if you're curious.

Showing friends new house

Heading into Fall

Isn't it fucking nuts that fall is right around the corner? It seems like it'll be another winter in solitude with the delta variant in full force. I do plan to head out east to see my parents at the end of September and then go through Indianapolis on my way back to Portland. If you're in Indy let me know and maybe we can say hello to each other!

My plan for this winter is to just sink myself into house projects. I want to buy some tools and maybe learn to do some basic woodworking, too. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I'll leave you all with a few photos from this summer:

The day we moved into our apartment
Meeting Charlie's coworker's puppy
Summer Camping with Kaya, Gage, and Daphne
Our Tent (this has become our go-to camping spot)
The Kate Bush Bike Ride
Berry Picking at Sauvies
Smith Rock with Chuck and Claudia (Charlie's mom and dad)

much love to everyone



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