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A Quick Winter Transmission

Orcas Island

Hello from the ether that is the internet,

Oof, it's been a minute hasn't it? If I don't update the blog for a while it starts feeling like an insurmountable task that I continue to put off and thus it feels even bigger later. It's been....nearly 5 months now? Yikes. In a similar vein to my end of year post from 2020, I'm going to just jot down some important events from the last few months:

So yeah, we're engaged.

We're gonna do a wedding thing in the fall. Nothing fancy as I hate fancy weddings and we both agree we'd rather save our money for an incredible trip down the line (maybe Japan). So... yeah. I'll leave the wedding talk at that. 😬

I'm actually flying out next week to go see my friend Joe in Philadelphia. Long story short, I was supposed to be going to a concert in New York but it was postponed and I had already booked the trip. Bummer. But it'll be fun to see Joe for a few days.

I'll leave you all with a photo of my "engagement ring." It's made completely of sugar. Charlie bought it off of Etsy in a six pack. I love sugar so it's cute. It's slowly dissolving in my dresser drawer now.

Right after "the moment"

Stay warm and safe. Maybe now that I've put something out there it'll be easier to update sooner?


ps: I often do a playlist of my favorite songs from the year. I did that for 2021 as well. Check it out on Spotify or Apple Music.

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