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A List to End the Year No. 2

Message in the sand | Pacific City, OR

Hi friends! Well, there went the year. My bad. For the sake of keeping this update that has been 8 months in the making manageable, I'm doing another list with a photo for each month. I'm gonna leave one point for each month since April. Let's dive in!

May: Went to SF for a few days with Kaya via and 18 hour Amtrak ride
June: A surreal and strange birthday that started at the Rose Garden
July: Bought this stunning yellow Vespa Sprint
August: Finished the storage unit in the living room. It feels janky but I learned a lot building it.
September: Got very married
October: Started our first big home project by chipping the front yard
November: Cut down a christmas tree in the forest
December: Charlie atop the second chip pile

Another year come and gone. I was thinking the other day about how different life feels from 2020 when I started this blog which is probably why I've slowed down on updating it. I'm just busier. We've come a long ass way since May 2020!



PS: I did my typical end-of-year song lists. A few of you asked me about it so here's the playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Just shuffle it, baybay.

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