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A Tiny Fall Update

The Great Salt Lake

Happy fall!

I've been annoyingly sick the last few days. Been sitting around drinking juice and watching Gundam Wing again for the first time since childhood. It's an extremely confusing storyline and the english dub is cringey as hell. I'm 17 episodes in and there's about 60 in total. I don't know if I'll make it to the end honestly. I just can't get in to anime as an adult. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

In other news I was in Salt Lake City for the first time a few weeks ago. It's an interesting place. It kind of feels like Nevada in the valley but like Oregon in the mountains. I think I'd compare it to Bend. I spent my time staying with my friend Brian and hanging out with a few other fellow gay folks that we met on our trip to Palm Springs earlier this year for my friend Cody's birthday. One of my favorite things I got to do was go out on my friend Austin's sail boat on the Great Salt Lake. The water was like glass and the weather was perfect. I learned that the lake is about 16 feet at it's deepest which I found kinda wild. I also go to steer the boat which got slightly out of hand.

Austin, Cody, Benji, and Brian
Taking steering the boat (way too) seriously
Just outside Park City
Rantings from the captain

We recently did our yearly excursion to the pumpkin patch. We've been going to Lee Farms in Tualatin the past few years since my friends like the corn maze. We haven't actually finished it in at least 3 years but found success this year! Charlie bought a lot of pumpkins. They're currently spread about in our front yard.

The Group
Pumpkin Charlie

My friend Ruthie recently turned 32 and had a gorgeous outdoor dinner with a bunch of friends. We drank a shit load of wine, ate amazing bread and had homemade lasagna. I loved it. A+ birthday party. I passed out at the table for 20 minutes after drinking too much wine. That's a classic me move.

The Dinner Party
Tiny shots or big hands?

We recently got a tree for the front yard. Portland Nursery is down the road from our house and since we a) could not fit the tree in our car and b) did not want to pay the $60 delivery fee, we convinced the manager to let us wheel it down the road home in one of their carts. The scene was like so:

Wheeling home the new tree

It was cute. Took like 20 minutes and about 6 head turns from cars that passed us. Shout out to the Portland Nursery folks for being chill about it. The tree's found it's home in our front yard. May it grow nice and big! It's a coral bark japanese maple.

Charlie planting the tree

We're bailing on the the US for thanksgiving and going to Vancouver BC this year. Charlie's never been to Tim Hortons so I'm excited for him to try it since I used to frequent the one in Beavercreek, Ohio on commutes from Indiana to North Carolina during college. I'm also excited to not have to eat Turkey because it's bullshit. Anyway, enjoy the fall times, friends! It never lasts long enough.

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