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2023: A Year in Review

Perusing Canadian Wares

Happy end of the year, friends! Charlie and I have come out east to see our families for the holidays. I hope you all are somewhere safe and warm and drinking something hot and tasty. In what is sort of tradition here, I'm gonna write a year in review post to close out 2023. You can read the 2022 edition here. Let's dive in!

January: Daphne at the end of the Turtle Island Hike on Orcas Island
February: Just before I ate it and threw my back out on the ice
March: Charlie and his chunky raised beds
March: Palm Springs with Cody
April: Me and Mom in Huntington Beach with a shit load of corgis
April: The real work of the kitchen renovation begins
May: Our kickball team won the spring championship
May: How our kitchen looked by the end of the month
June: Nap-time
July: The painting for Charlie
July: The subpar tile install
August: Our lives were forever changed after upgrading to a king size bed
September: Our first meal in Japan. 7/11 style.
September: Charlie and his seat buddy on the Tokyo Metro
October: Trying to work but Wakka needs to sit.
November: Charlie in Kitsilano
November: "Thanksgiving" dinner at Maem in Vancouver. I didn't think it was worth the price.
November: Baby Dahl was my favorite meal in Vancouver
December: My first deadlift meet. 308 lbs!
December: The gang at our secret santa exchange party

Here's to 2023! It was a great year. Onward to 2024!

See you on the other side,

PS: I did my end of year playlist this year. Check it out on Spotify and Apple Music. I recommend shuffling it.

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