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Hi again!

I don't normally make posts so back to back, but I have a very important update. To quote myself in my previous post: "the painters need 5 back to back days of no rain to complete the painting so it could be a while before they're able to paint." Apparently it's actually 3 days and those 3 days just happened which means our siding and paint project is officially complete. 🙏 👏 🤙

From the street the house looks nice. It definitely stands out from the other houses on the block. It's really hard to photograph it in such a way that the true color comes through. It's a chocolate brown color but no matter how many photos I take it always looks black in pictures. There's some shitty painting at several spots on the house that I've made a list for that we're gonna have to address ourselves, but we still quite like the new look. I'm excited for the spring and summer when all of our current and soon to be planted (because 33% of our plants were demolished by the siding people) front yard foliage come to life. It'll be so fucking cute. I need to get some new lights for the garage, front porch, and back door and paint our mailbox as it's currently green and doesn't go with the new colors. We also need new downspouts.

I'm glad this project is over as it was mostly just painful dealing with that god awful contractor but it does feel good to stand at the sidewalk and stare at our house. Though at the same time it highlights those other exterior things we need to do. Owning a house truly is constant work.

To end on a cute note: here's a picture of Chappu on our new sofa we just got from Perch Furniture. We ordered it right before Thanksgiving and it arrived just the other day. It fits our space much better than our old IKEA sofa. The whole family really digs it.

Chappu enjoying the new sofa

until next time,


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